Cortez Flying V Electric Guitar Vintage Japanese Axe

1983 Gibson Flying V
1983 Gibson Flying V
   US $1,250.00
 175782608391874060 Cortez Flying V Electric Guitar Vintage Japanese Axe

You are being offered a nice and very rare Cortez Flying V electric guitar. If you are not familiar with Cortez Guitars, then you can look up Jack Westheimer on the net. He is the father of the high quality guitar movement in Japan. Cortez was started in the 1960s and lasted into the early 80s. The Cort Guitar line of today is the linage of Cort(ez). Like most Japanese guitars of that era, they copied the name brands. The whole lawsuit issue you hear about came about because of this practice. This guitar is a VERY NICE copy of the famous 1967 Gibson Flying V and is as nice as most of the Gibson's I've seen of that era, for much less money.

This set neck rocker has been in my vintage collection for some time but doesn't get much use. I just have too many guitars and need to thin the heard. It has the usual nicks and dents as you would expect for a 40 year old guitar!  The neck is Medium C shape like the Gibson's of that era. The frets are in good shape with lots of meat left, some string bending wear but no divits. The tuners look like they were changed out at one time in it's life but have the correct style currently installed. The bridge and Tail Piece are marked Gotoh Japan.  The pick-ups are unmarked, but sound good.  The pics don't show it well but the Cortez name on the head stock is inset MOP.  The three way switch detent for the bridge position does not hold, so the switch returns to center when you release it. A new three way would correct this issue.  The volume and tone pots are original Japan and work correctly with no scratchiness.  Overall, a nice vintage axe that flat out rocks!

I said that this was a rare guitar (yeah, I know, it's way over-used) and I really mean that! Of the 38,000 or so electric guitars currently on ebay, this is the ONLY Cortez Flying V available! If that's not RARE, I don't know what is!    I sell Classic Vintage guitars made in Japan and advertise honestly and ship quickly!  I have around 800 ebay deals with a 100% postive feedback rating!. This vintage Axe has TONS OF MOJO and will make someone very happy for very little money. At 8 1/2 LBS, this baby is lighter than my 1987 Gibson Les Paul Standard and sounds almost as good!  I do not have a case for this but will pack it very well.  I'm starting this at a low opening bid and will let the market determine it's value.  This is a MIJ correct copy of the 1967 Gibson SET NECK Flying V for under $300!  

 175782608391874061 Cortez Flying V Electric Guitar Vintage Japanese Axe


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